COVID-19: The New Normal for UK Businesses


More and more UK businesses are realising that there is a ‘new normal’ to working – as we, and the rest of the world, battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Smart business owners will ensure that their businesses are prepared for the changes forced on them by the virus – and will try to take what advantages there are from the new normal.

Remote working

Ensure your remote working staff are trained in the use of IT systems, and in particular, the security IT systems they need to use when communicating with colleagues, suppliers and customers. It is also important that staff working remotely have regular and clear lines of management reporting.

IT systems

It is important to make sure your IT software systems are regularly reviewed and updates are completed when they are made available. IT hardware also needs to be reviewed when necessary – to be able to accommodate the latest IT software.

Make sure you have the necessary software licenses in place for those working remotely to reduce the risk of team members being offline, due to IT issues.


Review your suppliers. Do they still provide you with the services you need or want? Your marketing supplier is particularly important in these tough trading times.

Look to switch to ethical digital marketing. HaesCooper works closely with the digital marketing agency TDMP (The Digital Marketing Partners). Contact them directly for a tailored review of your online presence and opportunities.

Business Finance Systems

Last, but not least, review your financial business management systems so you can ensure that you have up-to-date financial records which can enable you to make informed business management decisions. This is so important when business owners are faced with exceptionally difficult trading conditions, such as those we are currently experiencing with COVID-19.

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