Survey Reveals Rare Praise for Accountants


Something that caught our HaesCooper accountant’s eyes – were the results of a recent survey by global platform Xero.

Their recent survey found that 43% of small business owners said their accountants have been ‘crucial’ to their survival through the COVID-19 pandemic, with 37% saying their accountant helped them to retain staff during the height of lockdown.

Gary Turner, Managing Director of Xero said, ‘Behind every resilient small business there’s a hard-working accountant. They have played such a huge role in saving and often transforming, small firms adapting to the pandemic. Accountants and bookkeepers are the unsung heroes of our recovery and their importance has never been greater to individual businesses and the British economy.’

Well in these COVID-19 pandemic times accountants are certainly not up there with our NHS and essential worker heroes, but it is good to hear that accountants have not been entirely forgotten! Contact us at HaesCooper to learn more about our business supportive financial and fiscal services.

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